Lingerie Wardrobe

Maybe you are a little bit like me when it comes to your lingerie chest (a lingerie chest is a tall narrow chest of shallow drawers specifically made to store your under garments).

Most likely you do not own a lingerie chest as this piece of furniture is of a past generation. Too bad because the lingerie market has never been as innovative and experimental as it is today. 

With or without a special place to store your garments I suggest you begin your wardrobe collection now. Rather than start with the “granola” basics go for the edge. By the edge I am saying purchase that sexy silky bra and panty set in a color of your fantasy. Lime green, pale pink, red or possibly purple. Eventually you will have all of the colors of your liking plus of course the basics white, nude and black.

Remember the most important thing to consider while building your lingerie wardrobe is the clothes you wear. Need a bra for tank tops? Or a seamless panty for yoga pants? Do not forget to match the lingerie colors with your outfits. Do you wear a lot of bright pink? Then definitely a bra to match is a must. 

Most importantly have fun with your lingerie. Find what best fits your body as well as your personality. 🎨

That unique lingerie chest might show up in your future just when your wardrobe needs it.