Shelf Bras

So you’re thinking about venturing a little deeper in to the world of bras and undergarments? And it can be a little intimidating right? Lace, tulle, ribbons, straps, color, sheer bras, shelf bras…it can become fairly overwhelming, quite fast. And no matter when you start your journey into lingerie, be it in your 20’s or in your 50’s, it can seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. I found quality, comfort, and courage in this expansive world of lace and ribbons. Here’s the bra that started it all for me.

Everybody’s experience varies, but for me, an essential part of shopping for lingerie was discovering something that made me feel beautiful. It was dancing on the edge of what made me feel like I was taking a tantalizing risk while also maintaining true to myself. I decided that I wanted to push the bounds from what I was previously accustomed to and explore another aspect of my more feminine and elegant side.

One day, I found myself gifted with a bra I had never seen before. Called the Charbon Peek-a-boo bra, it was black in color and had the softest fabric, one that glided through my fingers, feeling like rose petals against my skin. As I inspected it with wonder, it dawned on me that this was far more than a bra. It was an experience, a fantasy that was waiting for me to press the play button. I strapped it on and marveled at what the mirror reflected back at me. Ruffles traced along the neckline of the shelf bra, giving it a playful, yet mesmerizing charm. The charcoal tulle glided around my bust, romantically enhancing my curves. But the factor that enticed me the most were the ribbons that allowed me to fasten the cups, granting me control of how I wished the cups to form and how much of myself I wanted exposed. With this small, peek-a-boo detail, I was awarded with the perfect marriage between a sheer bra and a shelf bra. And most importantly, I felt beautiful, enchanting even. It was this Polish bra, which are lauded for their pristine craftsmanship, that gave me a sense of confidence I was unaware I possessed. The quality of the materials, the sculpted yet graceful design, and a genuine thoughtfulness for the female form—all staples of a Polish bra (mine originating from Axami) afforded me the opportunity to experience a freedom I was previously oblivious towards: I could feel beautiful, while also remaining sensual. The Charbon Peek-a-boo bra, ranging in colors from red (Magenta) to black (Charbon) to white (Neige), defined itself as the perfect stepping stone into the world of adventurous lingerie. In addition, as the bra is offered in plus sizes, colors ranging from red to black, it allowed me the security and comfort of finding the perfect fit.

Maybe it’ll be this unique bra, or perhaps another style of shelf bra or sheer bra, that will leave you finding yourself entranced, exquisite, and exceedingly beautiful.