Axami Menu : The Candy Shop

🍭 Axami delivers innovative design trends every time they launch a new lingerie collection. Today, Axami unveiled its Candy Shop line. Yes, Candy Shop almost too delicious for the palate will certainly please your savory appetite. 

Axami is the 'go to' brand for the woman who considers herself a sophisticated rebel. She is sensitive at heart but make no mistake she knows her place in the world. She is unique. Try to game her and you might just find yourself holding the bag....

This lingerie company was developed as a family run operation. The grandmother had a ladies wear company in the beginning. Then her daughter and granddaughter branched off into lingerie in the 1990's. Their philosophy has been based on this objective: offer to clients comfortable lingerie with a New Look that will enable the wearer to present herself with a classic elegant style.  Luxuriate in sexual satin, soft laces adorned with lovely frills. Bows, jewels and tulle detail these designs.

The founders of Axami are dedicated to produce lingerie that initiates a relationship with you. They are aware that the touch of fabric on your skin is most intimate. This is taken seriously and they work very hard to create beautiful, sexy lingerie with this consideration.

So many designs to choose from in the Candy Shop Collection. BonBon, Strawberry Cheesecake, Cranberry Muffin, Maple Lolipop, Ginger Cookie, Carmel Fudge and more. Wet your palate with a 'baker's dozen'.🍬🍬