The History of Valentine’s Day

The history of Valentine’s Day is not a myth. Pope Gelasius I changed this Pagan festival to a Christian holiday in 496 BC. The 14th of February was declared Valentine’s Day. A day of romance. Feast of ‘fertility’. This year honor your suitor with a lingerie costume. After his long day, 'out on the hunt' he will be ready for a little Tender Loving Care.

In the 5th Century, Saint Valentine's Day was combined with the feast of Lupercalia. This day was declared as Galatin's Day. The definition of Galatin's is : "lover of women". The reason for the festival was to expel the pagan rituals of the heathens. In a sense, we continue this tradition today with Valentine's Day.  

Reflect back to the Roman Empire. The wild and risqué Romans celebrated the Feast of Lupercalia, known as the feast of 'fertility'. Traditionally the men would slaughter a dog and a goat as a pre-requisite to court the woman of their intentions. No need to go to that extreme in this modern era. Rebel Romance has the solution with a gift of fine, exquisite lingerie.

During the festival of Lupercalia traditionally from February 13-15 a cupid lottery was played. Names were put in a jar and the lucky gent pulled the name of his match. Sometimes they coupled up only for the holiday, other times they matched up for life. History dictates the future. 

Valentine's Day ---- "It is the little things that matter the most."