How to Laundry your Corsetry

Remember what you learned back in high school about how to laundry your lingerie? When you purchased your first bra did you read the label? Hand wash only- in Cold water and do not Wring it dry! Even with all the new materials for corsetry made today, these laundry instructions can find no fault.

A delicate detergent and a mesh bag are essential.

Pre-treat any stains from perspiration etc.. or any other dis-coloration.

Please take time to let your garment soak for at least ten minutes. Never soak lingerie in hot water because the heat can break down fabrics=spandex and elastic. Never put bras in a hot dryer. Air Dry away from direct sunlight and heaters.

I found an unique hanger for my lingerie at IKEA. It was shaped as a circle and had several clips surrounding it. A hanger piece was on the top center of it. It was easy to hang it on my shower rod to allow 4-5 bras and or a couple pair of panties clipped to Air-Dry. I think it cost $5.00 or less, I know that it was perfect for my hand wash Only laundry. 

Corsetry is kinda like 'fine wine'--- it must be nurtured and treated with tender loving care. Beautiful lingerie enhances the woman, can make her appear younger and healthier. 

For Active-wear similar laundry instructions apply. Remove gel insets and pads when washing either in the machine or by hand. This will allow your active wear to get cleaner and hold its shape longer.

Rebel Romance wishes you the best with your special purchase. We work hard to locate the finest lingerie at the lowest cost for you. A little extra time to maintain your corsetry collection is worthwhile. Remember the day you purchased your first bra was the beginning of your journey as a woman.

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