"Good Girls Revolt"

I've been mesmerized with the new Amazon show "Good Girls Revolt". How does this relate to Rebel Romance? I do not think you need to read between the lines to figure it out.

In the late 60's - early 70's lingerie was almost non-existent.

Remember Summer of Love '67? Yes, I hate to tell you but nudity reached an all time high.

Fast forward to 2016 and browse the Rebel Romance site where you can see for yourself the fashionable way to endear your feminine mystique.

How does this pertain to "Good Girls Revolt"? It is not in the "burn your bra" movement, but in what came after these brave sisters revolted. We, the supposed weaker sex, have spearheaded what it means to be a woman of substance. The lingerie in this decade is an Art Form in itself.

I personally wear the new (must have ) bra-let with matching full body panty. It comes in several colors, but the electric blue is my go-to favorite for that special Saturday night date.

I am not tame and never will be. I am a Rebel Romance Girl!