Caring for Your Lingerie

Lingerie is made of very delicate fabrics, like: satin, silk, tulle, laces and that is why it is needed to follow all the rules concerning its washing process.

Part of lingerie can be washed in a washing machine, while remembering about low temperature and gentle detergents, however it’s not without risk of damaging the lingerie. When some pieces are finished with pleating or adornments, often washing in a washing machine may damage these parts. Washing in too high temperature can deform the pads in bra. A special bra shaped washing bag is needed to prevent the underwiring in bras from bending out of shape. You shouldn’t use detergents with chlorine.

The best for lingerie is a hand washing. Firstly, you have to soak it in water with delicate detergents and next rinse it. An intense friction can damage the fabric. Bras and strings should be washed in warm, but not hot water and then lay flat to dry. You shouldn’t wring it too hard, only gently remove the excess of water and then let it dry. You shouldn’t use dryers. It’s best to place the lingerie on the towel – this way lingerie will keep its shape and beauty for a long time.