How to Shop for Lingerie

First thought of the day was, I need a lingerie make-over. Autumn is around the corner which is the best time to refresh my lingerie wardrobe. Where to begin is to know who I am. The mission I ask of you, my dear reader is to decide who are you? The answer comes from understanding your inner most core being. Are you just a little bit sassy with that aloof air to your persona? Or are you rebellious with a touch of femininity? Either way all of your shopping must stay focused on what you wish to convey. Stay true to yourself and heads will turn.

Second point to reference is that you must consider your body type. In today's lingerie market, designers accommodate all body sizes and shapes. It is mandatory that you categorize your shape. Are you athletic, hourglass, tall, short, lean or full figured? Whatever your shape or size there is a complete range of lingerie to fit you. Look at the models that a designer uses to get clues as to what size/shape this designer caterers to.

Emulating is not cheating it is smart. Once you find a designer that fits- stay with that brand. This will save you countless hours of trying to get lingerie that will work for you! Continuing along, now we must think of color. Surprisingly with under garments color is of upmost importance. Check out all the variety of nudes in today's lingerie collections. Only one shade will be your signature color. This is definitely not a one color fits all kind of thing. Shop for and find your nude tone. Once you do stay with it from now on. Do not even think of trying some shade of nude you think is that 'new' thing. Everyone needs a foundation of a black bra set and a white bra set. Begin with a white set and a black set if you are starting to build your wardrobe. Move onto the reds, pinks and purples to give your style a hint of your core image. The color blue is quintessential in its content.  Do not be afraid --- go for it. Jump into that sea of tranquillity when wearing the most alluring color in the rainbow. When looking at the kaleidoscope of colors offered by today's lingerie industry please remember to focus on the goal.

What is that? To dress as a woman who knows her value and has no fear of showing off it now. Always, stay consistent in what fits and says I am special. Next purpose of shopping is for an occasion. Want to make a good impression on a weekend date? Going to a wedding or just maintaining your everyday lingerie collection. Whatever the case give yourself time to peruse websites and catalogs. To some of us this is a hobby, to others a chore. Please take your shopping for lingerie seriously. This is your mystery. It is not only what 'meets the eye' but what is left unknown that creates.  

A creature as alluring as a female can portray anything she wishes. Pure innocence or naughtiness. Even when shopping for a special occasion purchase the items that say, "Me." Remember your under garments will tell your story in a very sexy,subliminal way. If the occasion is play, then think what game is going on currently in your life. Nurse, flight attendant, Mrs. Claus or Bondage Queen. Fun and harmless play for the bedroom only? Think again- wear your costume under your coat when going out. This will shock him and surprise him either way you win. No lingerie wardrobe is complete without accessories. Put some of these accessories on a wish list and let it grow. Stockings, gloves, eye masks, corsets...... Best time to built the accessory trunk is when these items are on sale. Every vendor has sale/clearance items. Of course, nearly everyone has a budget. This should not be your first thought when shopping but definitely your last before checking out. The lingerie market has an infinite range of price points. Sexy, beautiful lingerie is available for every budget.

I must recommend that if you are just beginning your lingerie wardrobe start with the basics from the most expensive designer-brand that your budget will allow. This is to help you find your niche. Hunt for the best 'You' fit, with the most comfortable elegant fabrics.  Items that are first on the scene. Continue to patronize that designer in the future. This will save you time and frustration when adding more pieces to your collection. After you acquire a couple of bra sets as your base, then you may go for the deals. Teddies, chemises, corsets will complete your wardrobe.

One more thing, invest in a luxury robe. Black or Deep Rose probably the best color. This garment will be in your closet for several seasons so do not go cheap on this purchase. Fabric and Fit the tell tale of an exquisite piece of lingerie. Do not settle for less when shopping for your main stay robe. It it my hope that shopping is as much a pleasure to you as it is for me.

The lingerie you select is you telling yourself that you really are special. A mystery to treasure.